Brooklyn Brewery to Brew Superhero-Themed Beer for New York Comic-Con

Maurice AmonComic-Con is fast approaching in October to New York City and Brooklyn Brewery is ready to participate in the fun. Comic book artist Amy Reeder created the “Brooklyn Defender” which will serve as the official beer of both New York Comic-Con and Super Week. The beer comes as a collaboration between Brooklyn Brewery and event organizer ReedPOP.

Brooklyn Brewery was started by founder Steve Hindy who began with brewing beer in his apartment. Soon he incorporated his partner and Park Slope neighbor Tim Potter to the business and they both quit their jobs in order to focus on the brewery full time. Originally brewing through the Matt Brewing Company, the pair started their own distribution company in which they personally transported marketed their beers to bars and retailers to various bars in New York City. By 1996 they acquired a former matzo factory in Williamsburg Brooklyn and transformed the factory into a fully functioning brewery.

The beer will not be available solely at Brooklyn Brewery. It will make its debut on September 10th at a release party before moving on across the city to select bars and restaurant during Super Week October 3-12 and Comic Con October 9-12. Brooklyn Brewery has released a press release stating:

“This year’s Brooklyn Defender is an IPA as red as the setting sun, as brisk as a tornado and as refreshing as Amy Reeder’s ink style. We incorporated some German red malts that give the beer the slightest edge of roast and a suggestion of caramel, and the explosive Mosaic hop steps out front with the aromatics.”  

In terms of the Brooklyn Defender character, she matches the beer perfectly with her New York attitude which goes hand in hand with the beer’s unique flavor. As for the Brooklyn Defender herself, creator Amy Reeder says:

“The new Brooklyn Defender packs quite a punch,” Reeder says, whose previous work can be seen in issues of Supergirl, Batwoman and Rocket Girl. “She’s your neighborhood vigilante hero: everything about her screams ‘homemade’ and ‘homegrown.’ A boxing and wrestling champ in her own right, the Brooklyn Defender decided her skills were needed on the streets to defend beer and all those who stand behind it!”

This will be continued great marketing for Brooklyn Brewery as it is sure to expand their brand to a wider audience. Comic Con brings in fans from around the country and the world to participate in the latest releases.  This is sure to be a treat for comic and beer fans alike.

(Tech Times)