Top 5 Hard Ciders

maurice amon

It’s Fall and we all know what that means. Time for apple picking and fall beers. When one thinks of Fall beers, pumpkin beers and dark ales come to mind. But those who aren’t the biggest fans of beer will often enjoy a nice hard cider. Ciders are happy marriage between beer and a good apple cider. Pretty much what all Fall dreams are made of. Ciders aren’t always the easiest to find when out. And if Ciders are available, the selection tends to be slim to none. There are a number of great Ciders out in the market but you can usually only find one or two available at any establishment. Out of the options that are available, it’s hard to to find one that isn’t too sweet or syrupy.

Check out some of the best hard ciders below:

Crispin “The Saint” Hard Apple Cider

Sweet or Dry: Dry

Crispin is close to the beer family. So for those who are fans of beer, this cider is a good option for you. Those who enjoy it describe the taste as “beer-like” with a hint of apple and maple. Others described the taste as a Belgian beer with a slight apple taste. The Belgian flavor is not surprising being that the beer is fermented with Belgian Trappist yeasts.


Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

Sweet or Dry: Sweet

More on the inexpensive side, this cider is easily available in most grocery stores as well as bars. Unlike most mass produced ciders, this cider is a little more dryer than most sweet ciders making it less of a “juice box” like quality than its competitors. Tasters say that the cider has a hint of bitterness and that it is very balanced.


Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Sweet or Dry: Balanced

Angry Orchard is one of my favorites. Sweet and tangy with strong apple flavors. Though it has strong hints of sweetness and apple flavors, it still has a hint of beer flavor which differentiates it from most ciders. Angry Orchard is available at most grocery stores as well as most bars. It’s perfect for those who aren’t fans of beer but don’t want to be separate from the pack when out at your local watering hole. One taster described it as “tasting like you’re biting into a crisp tart apple”


Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider

Sweet or Dry: Balanced

This is one of the ciders on our list from across the pond. One of the more balanced ciders on the list, this seems to be a fan favorite. Not too sweet, Samuel Smith’s has a flavor of a refined adult beverage staying away from the “juice box” flavoring of most ciders. Tasters say this cider tastes all and happiness.


Crispin Lansdown Artisanal Reserve

Sweet or Dry: Dry

This cider is probably the closest to beer on this list. Smooth, dark, and yeasty smokey cider. If you are not a fan of beer, you won’t like this cider. The Crispin Lansdown Cider has a mixed taste of scotch ale and molasses. Tasters had a mix review of this cider with one saying it tasted like a perfect fall day with others saying the smell throws them off.