Stone Brewery Expansion

Craft beer is everywhere. Every small town has a brewery dealing with rapid growth and the growth pains that come alongside it. The rise of craft beer as a culture has created a demand unseen before in the industry prompting companies like Anheuser-Busch to get into the game with Goose Island, a watered down alternative to tasty ales.

But perhaps the most famous craft brewery is Stone Brewery, hailing out of the craft beer capital of the world, San Diego. San Diego is a city that, despite having the largest number of craft breweries having surpassed Portland a few years back, still can’t supply enough amazing beer to meet demand.


Stone Brewery is most famous for their Stone IPA and Stone Pale Ale. You can find these beers in every city and any bar that’s worth their salt. Each of these beers has a very strong a distinct taste that has been perfected since long before the craft beer craze started.

Many of their beers like Ruination and Levitation boast powerful and dark names. Others beers include Arrogant Bastard, Double Bastard, Self-righteous, and RuinTen. Bold statements are made on each of their beers like, “A stage dive into a mosh pit of hops,” and “A self tribute to 15 years of arrogance”, and even “you won’ t like this beer”. They are masters in branding and have created a memorable brand whose border-line offensiveness resonates with its drinkers as welcome and cheerful.

With the demand for craft beer, the flavorful beer choices, and the marketing team, Stone Brewery could easily have expanded much earlier. With a focus on quality, they have decided to move forward and are looking for cities to build large breweries helping to facilitate growth and distribution on the east coast.

Stone Brewery is also well known for the food they serve in San Diego, having recently expanded into South Bay. Each of their restaurants are massive campuses that rarely seem empty. All the food down to the smallest appetizer are paired nicely with a beer from their large list of beers brewed on-site. How about some quail wings to go with that Pale Ale.

Stone Brewery has managed to please the most discerning beer loving hipster to the weekend afternoon professional type. They are deserving of their success and that is a lucky city who gets to help facilitate the expansion