Maurice & Beer

Maurice AmonMaurice Amon was never a fan of Miller Lite, but that’s what he thought beer was.  It wasn’t until he took a trip to Belgium during college that he discovered beer was so, so much more.

Exhausted after arriving in Brussels after an extended train journey, he sat down with some friends to a classic Belgian meal, moules and frites.  Thirsty and craving beer with his meal, he took a look at the bier list.  He didn’t recognize a single one.  With the server waiting and not wanting to delay things, he randomly pointed at a selection – Leffe Tripel.  When the beer arrived, it was mostly foam and sitting in a what appeared to be a large wine glass.  The nagging feeling of being ripped off disappeared when he took his first sip.

Leffe Tripel is a world-class beer.  Carbonated with fine bubbles, it has a beautiful hazy orange-amber color with a fluffy white head.  The flavor has notes of honey, caramel, citrus, cloves, and sweet toasted malts balanced with lightly bitter hops.  It is at once a complex beer and totally drinkable.  Maurice was a fan.  And ordered another one.  And another.  Turns out, Leffe Tripel is high alcohol, too!

Since then, Maurice has been an enthusiastic journeyman through the world of craft beer.  Initially a devotee of classic European brewers, he has grown very excited about the way American brewing has evolved in the past five years.  He takes pride in the many outstanding breweries in Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Maurice’s favorite styles are Pale Ales, Imperial Stouts, Belgian Quads, and Farmhouse Ales, though he is an admirer of all styles.  He’s also impressed with the food ‘pairability’ of beer.  With the endless styles and varieties, there truly is a beer for every food.

As a bartender, a love of beer is important.  Suggesting beers and maintaining an appropriate beer list to entice patrons is essential.  It’s also important to understand the mechanics of a draughts system, how to protect bottles, and to keep up on developments in the beer world in order to stay current.

One day Maurice would like to open a small bar with a focus on cocktails and beer.  Twelve lines is all you need for a world-class beer lineup (with the proper management), along with a good selection of bottles and cans.  He has also developed several beer cocktails and shandies, each designed to at once highlight what makes the beer great while also bringing out hidden flavors.